Any delay in D2B time associated with increased mortality

Rathore SS, Cutis JP, Chen J, et al. Association of door-to-balloon time and mortality in patients admitted to hospital with ST elevation myocardial infarction: a national cohort study. BMJ 2009; 339:b1807

“Any delay in primary percutaneous coronary intervention after a patient arrives at hospital is associated with higher mortality in hospital in those admitted with ST elevation myocardial infarction. Time to treatment should be as short as possible, even in centres currently providing primary percutaneous coronary intervention within 90 minutes (emphasis added).”

See heartwire coverage HERE.

And from:

Time to PCI: Is 90 Minutes Fast Enough?

“These results sound a clear warning that simply meeting the 90-minute standard isn’t good enough. Hospitals and emergency medical services systems should work together to deploy prehospital electrocardiography, activate the cath lab before arrival of patients with a prehospital electrocardiogram indicating STEMI, and establish prompt access to PCI 24/7.(emphasis added) Shaving even a few minutes off door-to-balloon time is likely to save lives!” – Kristi L. Koenig, MD, FACEP

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