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Prehospital ECGs and STEMI Receiving Centers

An important paper has been published that deserves to be read in its entirety. Rokos IC, French WF, Koenig WJ, et al. Integration of pre-hospital electrocardiograms and ST-elevation myocardial infarction receiving center (SRC) networks: Impact on door-to-balloon times across 10 independent regions. J Am Coll Cardiol Cardiovasc Intervent 2009; 2:339-346 Here are some highlights: “There […]

Things that make you go hmmm

It seems incredible that we can email a photograph around the world, but we haven't yet found an easy way of transmitting an ECG to a nearby hospital. – Ivan Rokos, MD to heartwire [1] Question: What's the incentive for industry to invent a simple, cost effective method for transmitting the prehospital 12 lead ECG […]

Dr. Rokos and Dr. Gibson discuss prehospital STEMI activation pathways

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I don’t know how I missed this, but click here (no longer active) to see a discussion between Dr. Rokos and Dr. Gibson regarding prehospital 12 lead ECGs. This was from LUMEN 2009.

Top 10 myths about prehospital 12 lead ECGs

A recent thread at JEMS Connect has reminded me how many myths are circulating about prehospital 12 lead ECGs. 1.) If you’re close to the hospital, performing a prehospital 12-lead ECG is a waste of precious time. The prehospital 12-lead ECG is an important triage tool. The closest hospital is not necessarily the closest appropriate […]

New interpretive statement on the Lifepak 15

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I couldn’t help but notice that in Physio-Control’s new video the LP15 says ***MEETS ST ELEVATION MI CRITERIA*** and not ***ACUTE MI SUSPECTED***. Interesting! The Lifepak 15 uses the Glasgow algorithm, not the GE-Marquette 12SL Interpretive Algorithm.

Recurrent syncope and bifascicular block

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You are dispatched to an “unknown medical complaint.” En route to the scene, dispatch advises you that a 66 year old male is complaining of a fall with injury, chest pain, left arm pain, and nausea. On arrival, the patient is standing in his kitchen. He is pale and extremely diaphoretic. You direct him to […]