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D2B times at Parma Community General Hospital

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Last week I was browsing around the D2B Alliance website and clicked on a section called Hospital D2B Stories. The very first listing was Parma Community General Hospital, Parma, OH – learn how PCGH achieved 85% of patients treated within the 90 minute goal. This caught my eye. It just so happens that I graduated […]

The honor formerly known as the Superior Scribbler Award

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Rogue Medic has bestowed upon Prehospital 12 Lead ECG the Superlative Hieroglyphicist Award (also known as the Superior Scribbler Award). Here’s what Rogue Medic had to say: “Prehospital 12 Lead ECG by Tom B. is a great blog about cardiology from a prehospital perspective. He understands 12 leads, how to teach them, and he is […]

October 18, 2008: Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Gibson Discuss Mission: Lifeline – The AHA STEMI Initiative

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Dr. Alice Jacobs and Dr. C. Michael Gibson discussed AHA Mission: Lifeline at TCT 2008. One part that I found interesting: 05:19 Dr. Jacobs: “In addition to the fact that only 50% of patients dial 9-1-1 and activate EMS, we know 10 to 15% of [EMS] vehicles have prehospital [12 lead] ECGs…although it’s said 70 […]

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